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The company SwissTextil was founded in 2011, dealing with segregation , processing and recycling of used clothing . We are an experienced company in this industry in Europe. We cooperate with more than 100 cities and municipalities , and the list of our customers is constantly increasing . We have many partners in Europe, Africa and Asia. We have thousands of containers to collect used clothing , which we regularly visit every 24 hours. Annually, we receive more than 100 000 000 tons of garments, which we segregate, we obtain for re-use or convert into cleaning rags.

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  • Ilość pracowników
    11 – 50


  • Działalność podstawowa
    Producent/ Wytwórca

Słowa kluczowe związane z przedsiębiorstwem

  • Odzież - import-eksport
  • odzież markowa
  • Used clothing
  • Women's shoes
  • Odzież używana - odzysk i użycie wtórne
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