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P.H.U. NORD is one of the leading producer of texile fibers based in Warsaw Poland. Each month we convert over 200 tons of post and pre consumer textiles wastes into fibers that are used in various markets. Thanks to the modern technology and our expertise in the field of recycling we can supply customized goods that consist of materials selected by the customer. Our main goal is to offer excellent service with consistency and continous supply to global markets.

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Kluczowe cyfry

  • Ilość pracowników
    11 – 50


  • Działalność podstawowa
    Producent/ Wytwórca

Słowa kluczowe związane z przedsiębiorstwem

  • Przygotowanie włókien naturalnych
  • textile recycling
  • recycled fibers
  • synthetic fibers
  • fibers nonwoven
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