Chinchilla natural luxury fur soft professionally tanned pelt skin dyed red Genuine chinchilla fur pelts from chinchilla farm, Poland. These pelts are from first hands not from re-sellers. These chinchilla pelts red Highest quality, color red. Dressed in Europe ( we can offer , Poland, Czech Republic dressings) The auction concerns one skin Beautiful skins best for various manufactures designers handmade such as coats, vests, jackets, hats ,gloves, pompons, purses, quilts or other garments. chinchilla-fur-skins .art We can offer various quality furs from low to the highest quality fur pelts as seen in the pictures above. We also sell raw chinchilla pelts if there is a need. For more information about the pelts, prices, sizes, quality, quantity please contact me via messages. Possible permanent cooperation 5000 skins a year

Skóry surowe, wyprawione i skóry futerkowe
  • chinchilla pelt dyed red
  • chinchilla skin dyed red
  • chinchilla fur dyed red
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